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UP Time Art Gallery exists to inspire minds, exhibiting the latest and most fascinating in the contemporary art.

By opening paths for artists, we bring talent and creativity to the public, and we contribute to the development of artistic and social awareness regarding local and global causes.


UP Time Art gallery is an open space for a artists who face difficulties in exposing their work, in the competitive Visual Arts market. For those who dream of having their talent recognized.

Right now, where are your paintings? Kept in your home? Stacked in a gallery? Forgotten on little visited sites, unknown to the public?

 What all of us artists need is, literally, “exposure”. The strength of your work needs to be exposed to the public, to criticism of the world. There is no need to remember how much international recognition is valued.

Your work will not be forgotten in a gallery. We want to really promote your work and amplify your artistic value, give a new boost to your work, your career, your life.


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When we delightedly enjoy the light in Renoir's paintings or van Gogh's starry night, our eyes wander through colors, our minds travel in brushstrokes that take us to another dimension. But we hardly ever think about the effort and sacrifices experienced by the authors of the works we admire.

The disputed art market is not easy. Either by the uncertain economic scenario, or by the lack of  value attributed to artistic work. The Internet and digital paths can overcome the difficulties and costs of exposure, but they place the artist in an even more competitive universe, which few take advantage of as they should.

My goal, by founding Up Time, is to change this scenario and facilitate the journey of other artists.

In addition to the virtual space, I also dedicate myself to assist in the presentation of  these artists's work in the main Contemporary Art exhibitions around the world.

O outro é contribuir para o desenvolvimento de uma consciência artística e social em relação a causas locais e globais. Two facts make this work revolutionary. One of them is the welcoming of the artist, with their dreams and aspirations, facing competitiveness. The other is to contribute for an artistic and social awareness development regarding local and global causes.

UP Time Art Gallery comes to introduce us to new "Van Goghs", who will stay in our minds and in our hearts.

Marisa Melo, brazilian, graduated in Advertising & Marketing, Photography, Art and Graphic Design, has completed in recent years a series of exhibitions and authentic projects that have given her prominence in Brazil and Europe.




Work with us:

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Enjoy our know-how and gain prominence in the competitive Visual Arts market.

Send your portfolio to our curatorship along with the link to your social networks. Our email: uptimeartgallery@gmail.com Once approved, the artist pays a half-yearly or annual membership fee and can enjoy our services.

Our services:

International Exhibitions, Art Fairs, Artist Catalog, Consultancy for Artists, Coaching, Portfolio Building, Digital Positioning, Art Audiobooks, Critical Texts and Interviews.



Com a UP Time pude focar na criação e não me preocupar com divulgação e vendas.Agradeço muito pela assessoria e todo o suporte que recebo. Já vejo várias portas se abrindo para minha carreira: exposições, colecionadores e reconhecimento que tanto sonhei.


Maria Stefanon

Como é motivador ver um trabalho meu com sua resenha. Você tem o dom das palavras e descreve o meu trabalho como ninguém o fez. Diante disso , sei que não poderia estar em melhores mãos.

Karla Lessa (1).jpg

Karla Lessa

Gratidão é o sentimento que aflora em mim quando penso no trabalho da Marisa! Posso afirmar que sou mais artista, mais profissional depois de obter os conselhos e direcionamentos dela. Marisa é uma excelente curadora e grande artista plástica.