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Adélia Clavien – Curiosity and Passion

Throughout history, we have always admired those who excel in their field,
whether in Science or in the Arts. Einstein and Picasso have their names
eternalized. But admiration increases when someone manages to stand out in
various fields of knowledge, becoming the very definition of the term polymath.
And we remember da Vinci, who with his Renaissance universality achieved the
feat of standing out in both the Arts and Science.

This versatility is found in Adélia Clavien, a visual artist born in Portugal and
based in Switzerland. Although she was fascinated by art from an early age, she
has been dedicated to computer science for many years. For someone who speaks
several languages ​​and plays several musical instruments, it would be impossible to
limit this plurality. And she has sought to dedicate the time due to her artistic side:
Music, Dance and Photography. In addition, of course, to Painting where she went
through the Abstract and currently navigates the Figurative, in what can be called
Neorealism Pop.

Curiosity is characteristic of creative people. Adélia managed to link Information
Technology to Art, Photography to computer and Painting. An excellent
photographer, she works with digital composition of photos in several layers and as
a modern alchemist, she uses different materials in her work, such as sand,
charcoal, bitumen, acrylic, resin, among others, which she combines with photos
printed on canvas. Adélia successfully participates in a series of international
exhibitions. From Rome to New York, from Singapore to Barcelona, from Lisbon
to Geneva.

Her portraits are of the highest impact. What stands out is the overlay work, whereAdélia connects unexpected elements, colors, texts, textures and presents a
composition of the human being as it is, far beyond the simple physical
appearance: elaborated, with many layers, many facets that reveal us as we are.
With our fears and sins, the words we say and those we keep silent. And so she
reaches our heart, our soul. Adélia Clavien rescues the fascination and complexity
that make us unique. Revealing the essence of what we call "humanity"

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