Ana Rocha


Ana Rocha


Philosophy and art are universes that have many elements in common. Both reflect the reality about the human being. Through a metaphorical language, they also cover the spiritual world, the relationships between individuals and their interaction with the world.

The artist Ana Rocha, born in Brasília, began her artistic career in São Paulo, where she has lived for more than 20 years. Her academic degree in Philosophy completes an artistic vein in which she uses Geometric Abstractionism to express her concepts and thoughts.

The origin of this language is inspired by an affective memory. Her mother was an university teacher of Geometric Design and Descriptive Geometry, and her student's work enchanted little Ana. A definite influence on her work.

Another striking element in Ana Rocha's work is courage. The boldness to seek a deeper self-knowledge. And consistency, to say "no" to standards, to ready-made formulas. In Ana's own words, she, who never fit in “boxes”, found herself in Philosophy and Art, spheres that showed her the meaning of her own life.

Her works begin to gain space on the web and in exhibitions that reveal an elaborate, intriguing and engaging artistic work to the world. Where we realize that ascending and descending lines portray our own trajectory, with its ups and downs. Like the seasons, they defines a rhythm, a cadence, making the observer identify with forms that tell their own story, their own life. An identification that is the very reason for this very philosophical art.