We know that the artwork is the emotional bridge between the artist and the observer. It is very interesting to observe this phenomenon. When facing the image, the observer, hypnotized, spends long minutes motionless, fascinated, his eyes capturing each brushstroke, in a trance of identification and fascination.

We always imagine that the sensitivity to achieve this communication can only come with the life experience that the years bring. Someone who lived, suffered and knew how to translate emotions into light and color.


However, it is not always like this. In the same way that Mozart surprised us when composing at the age of 5, there are very young artists who manage to impress us and we do not believe that such a young age can bring so much maturity.

The Argentine visual artist Belu is one of those rare cases. Whoever discovers her age after seeing her magnificent hyperrealistic work is doubly surprised.


The affinity with the arts became clear very early. At the age of 9, in Palermo, Buenos Aires, she began her formal study of art, with the initial objective of seeing her paintings displayed on the walls of the studio as those of older students. Students who served as inspiration for Belu who, every day, made her enormous talent clearer.


At the age of 14, the firm line in hyper realistic paintings placed her studying with adults. Through the internet, the first reactions of admiration and encouragement arrive from all over the world. Striking faces, vivid, suffered, children, elderly. Often in tune with nature. Wolves and lambs interact with people in images that bring references to the artists Belu admires: Lucian Freud, Guillermo Lorca García H, Antonio Berni, as well as photographers like Lee Jeffries and Dorothea Lange.


A strong art, with striking images. Argentine aspects that project Belu to the world. Fulfilling the destiny of the artist who, by singing out her village, sings the whole world. In addition, she wins the applause of those who recognize what is common to all beings: the breath of life, the soul and laughter. The emotion within each of us.