Carol Couri


Carol Couri - Art and Spontaneity

Artistic talent is an irresistible force. Many artists have a versatility that allows them to take other paths. There are those who follow the paths of Engineering, Medicine, and achieve success in these areas. To later surrender to the force of a vocation that ends up exploding, revealing an essential expression channel.

Visual artist Carol Couri is an example of this versatility. Carol, from São Paulo, has a law degree and works in the corporate area. Many years ago she discovered her artistic talent. And she realized that in addition to having an almost therapeutic effect, her work was pleasing to friends and family who were presented with works of originality that were totally proof.

Carol devoted her time to law and family. Until the social distance imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic provided free time that she used to delve into Art. In a few months, she created more paintings than in the past 20 years. The main elements of her style are revealed in works such as "Yellow Vibes" and "Interconnected". In one of them, there is a luminosity that comes from behind a composition of lines and figures, like a light shining in the clearing of a forest. In another, the geometric distribution coexists with sinuous lines and colors that delimit spaces and suggest people, eyes and expressions.

The therapeutic side, in Carol's own words, comes from the absolute concentration on the creative process, which totally absorbs it and transports it to another world, full of possibilities, without knowing in advance what the final image will be.

On each screen, the observer is invited to follow Carol, and the paths that her art proposes to the imagination, until reaching this world of revealed emotions. A connection that allows the love and vibrations of Carol Couri to fulfill the artist's objective: to contribute to raising the vibration of the world. Making you more human, more harmonious and happier.