Carol Poci


Carolina Poci - Art and Vibration

The world we live in requires versatility and speed adaptation that previous generations did not know. The Internet brings us available information on all subjects and the challenge becomes assimilation of elements as diverse as they are numerous. In Art, the reflection of this rhythm is translated in the awakening of talents. And there are those who prove to be versatile to the point of excelling in more than one field.

Visual artist Carolina Poci is an example of this new artist model. Paulistana, Carolina has been in contact with art since she was a child. And what was fun in childhood and even in university, ended up occupying a place of prominence in her life, in two intersecting paths: Photography and Painting.

Carolina took versatility to the extreme and professionally chose the Medicine. An option that requires time and dedication. And the huge stress load that is part of the medical routine ended up rescuing the artistic side, as a large exhaust valve. It turns out that the love for photography was connected with the pleasure of traveling. And the memories of places, sensations, people and cultures, have gained a permanence in Carolina Poci's artistic look.

Her images have something magnetic. In addition to a color that suggests a parallel universe, something outside our physical world, there is magic in the looks that see beyond what we see. There is a special vibration and in her images, both the Greek priest and the Peruvian peasant or the Swiss tourist seem to transmit a magical power.

In each image, Carolina Poci offers us her experiences. At her exhausting struggle for life work and in the capture of a special vibe, as common element to different cultures. Her works suggest the power to circumvent death and the awareness of a common energy that makes us part of a whole infinite.


Her teaching is completed with the example that there can always be a new place, a new look, a new perspective and a blank canvas to portray the life. An invitation and a stimulus to curiosity, to a new beginning, to hope.