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Renato DeLone – Creative Freedom


There are two forces that try to confine the artistic universe. One is the market. Translating emotions into images is a very noble task, which ends up being judged by a questionable relationship between the intrinsic value of the work and what is paid for it. Art is not a commodity. The other challenge is that the public often reduces Art to a purely decorative function.


The trajectory of visual artist Renato DeLone proves that even in this challenging environment, it is possible to convey the artistic message and overcome pre-conceived visions. Visual artist, he has managed to take his inspiration beyond the canvas. Combining his work with sometimes musical and sometimes literary content, his images are present on books and album covers. This path has also been followed by artists like Roger Dean. Renato focuses on Pop Art, using acrylic technique and assemblage on panel and his works have been exhibited in several countries.


Like Pop, his work can be cheerful and contemporary. But never superficial. Going well beyond Warhol, his Marilyn Monroe appears combined with Elvis Presley, in an anthological portrait in which he combines in one face the apogee and the decline of the two icons. Renato DeLone manages to capture the personality and life story of his subjects.


In the continuous task of channeling emotions, Renato DeLone's works are characterized by depth and content. His images bring much more than what the eye catches at first glance. In this process, he does not give up a vital element that he defines as “creative freedom”. His art, in his own words, is social. It may even be controversial. But definitely, it will never be just decorative.

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