Daniele Dell'Uomo

Roma - Itália

Daniele Dell’uomo, was born in Alatri. Italy.

Autodidact artist, instinctively passionate for art, attracted and fascinated by everything around his: the alleys of her city, the churches, doors, also the faces, attitudes, daily gestures of the reality in which she is inserted.

Attentive to capture the most evident shades: from the red of the sunset to the whiteness of a landscape in the snow, from the brilliance of the waters that reflect lonely boats, to the appearance of a clown or protagonists of everyday scenes, rooted in tradition.

His paintings are authentic and spontaneous, "illuminations" that reflect his interiority and personality, but also the study and attention dedicated for years to color and technique, in the continuous search for a stylistic definition that is as close as possible to his spirit.

Daniele loves all his paintings because each one represents a moment in his life that will remain alive forever.

"Painting is for me a way of possessing reality, a peaceful kidnapping of moments or things that surround my life".