Dario Bosa


Dario Rosa


Dario Bosa (Santa Catharina, 1959) is a Brazilian artist and poet of painting. He has been painting and sculpting since he was 15 years old. The quality of the composition and balance of his work is immediately noticeable, but it is the tireless search for beauty that makes Bosa's work so impressive.

Bosa is a great admirer of artists like Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Antoni Tapies. These painters still inspire you today. Despite this admiration, the search for original techniques is, above all, a challenge for the artist. He can spend days and nights experiencing textures and effects. This is what this versatile artist has been doing since then with great success.


Bosa mastered several styles, driven to express his creativity in many ways. He has been working on beautiful and unique pieces of art every day for over twenty years. He is especially known for his beautiful abstract works, but the Brazilian artist also has a series of impressive pieces in which women play the main role. The strength of color and the rhythm of form are characteristic of the expressive work of this passionate artist.

The choice of materials and original techniques are striking features of his art.


In the 'Free Rusty Spirit' series, Dario transforms these techniques into oral compositions. In this series he processes different types of sand / clay from different Brazilian states with different colors and properties. He also used original documents from the 19th century, pigments and stamps in combination with various types of ink that he applied in different layers.


In his series' Mystic People ”, Dario Bosa presents compositions where people emerge from mystical scenarios. Then, it works mainly with the spatula in a simple but sophisticated way.


In the works that belong to the 'Urban People' series, Dario is inspired by his travels in South America and Europe.

His work is exhibited in galleries in Brazil, England, Germany, France and the Netherlands, with some collections being private and corporate worldwide.