Daura Menezes

Santos - Brasil

Daura Menezes – Between the static and the dynamic


Daura Menezes navigates two artistic worlds. Dance has been part of her life since forever. She is a dancer. The counterpoint to the movement came in the passion for Photography. It makes a lot of sense that her lenses would turn to dance.

The intensity of this connection is clear from the fact that Daura left behind a successful corporate career to dedicate herself exclusively to Art. A change that, in her own words, resulted in the fullness of a life with more meaning.


This leap of faith made her expand her interests. And she expanded her work to other horizons, rediscovering the fascination of other images: landscapes, sports, theater. Her attentive eye found new ways of sharing her worldview and interpreting it in images that have led to exhibitions and a growing interest in her work.


In his works, movement is a central point. Hands and bodies transmit their energy and their enigmas to us, leaving the observer with the challenge: interpretation, assimilation and sedimentation of his own impressions and sensations. Daura navigates very well in B&W, but also with colors, her photos acquire a liberating character, especially in the female universe. Whether through hands that fly like birds, or through the sharing of large spaces.

By combining dances, photos and trips, Daura Menezes embraces other spheres, as this mix of techniques and frameworks provides the observer with an artistic experience that is both redemptive and therapeutic.