Fabio Balen

Caxias do Sul- Brasil

Fábio Balen – Spontaneous Realism


A fundamental characteristic of every great artist is the ability to transform, to reinvent his style, his themes, his proposal. Picasso is an example of this evolutionary process. His pictures of the so-called Blue Phase barely revealed the changes that would come in the African Phase and, even more, in Cubism. This evolution can also be seen in Monet and van Gogh. And if it is true that all phases of these artists please us, the courage of all of them to break, to experiment, to walk new paths is worthy of applause. The courage to dare, to grow, to evolve.


Fábio Balen is a living example of this renewing boldness. Starting from a solid conceptual base, he combined Renaissance and Cubist elements and brought from his European period the refinement of the classic and the “Iberian” colors so dear to Miró and Picasso, with an emphasis on red and yellow. The playfulness associated with vibrant colors won a legion of admirers, but Fábio was not accommodated in the success achieved. And he offers us a new phase that he calls Spontaneous Realism.


Big portraits that impact us and bring us an atmosphere of naturalness and unpretentiousness. The mastery of technique and chromatic ambience lead to a fascinating result. It is as if Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol combined to convey in each portrait a Classic atmosphere, a firmness of expression and a modernity that captures our eyes and our hearts.

His versatility still provides us with an exceptional monochromatic series, which alone would be enough to characterize him as a great artist.


Different phases and proposals. What does not change is the artist's ability to provoke surprise, enchantment and admiration. Without deluding himself with the market, Fábio continues to surprise us, always preserving an aesthetic sincerity that is at the root of his success. In a new phase that represents, in his own words, “Fábio