Fragments of Life

A Ventana 

The art collection of Di Miranda aims to exalt Brazilian culture and draw attention, in these times of tragedy and anxiety, to the moments of life that go beyond consumption.

Although currently residing in the United Kingdom, Di Miranda portrays the regionalism of her country of origin in paintings that can be called Cubist, Abstract, Sacred or Regional. Her portraits represent the freedom to express herself through colors and shadows that, with maturity and intensity, reflect, through the brush's bristles, universal feelings experienced in scenarios and moments that can only be recorded eternally on the canvas of her paintings.

Di Miranda rescues in us the sensitivity of looking around and valuing the vital energy of Brazilians and of all people who, with the strength of their spirits, continue, overcoming challenges and celebrating the joy of fragments, not of idealized dreams, but of real life, as it is. Life that, in our haste, we left out. This exhibition was created to reconnect us to all of this.

On display, with free admission, until 19/04/2021, visitors will sharpen not only their vision with Di Miranda's works, but also their sense of smell and taste, by entering a space totally dedicated to the aroma and flavor of exclusive, exclusive and special coffees, which were picked directly from Brazilian coffee farms and are present in the entire concept menu of the place.