Greta Stefanel

Udine - Itália

Greta Stefanel – The Art Challenge

Like the Sphinx, Art is enigmatic and challenging. And it intimidates the observer
by reflecting and revealing his feelings, his secrets, his opinion. By confronting
him with situations and dilemmas that he avoids, in a delusional diversity that can
range from sexuality to world famine.
Greta Stefanel work has the power to make us stop and think. Among
metaphors and dualities, we have a Pop-Art of deceptive simplicity, where she
shares influences built on the Italy-Brazil axis. References to Richard Hamilton are
mixed with social and existential questions.
Like Art itself, Greta works are not intended to offer analysis or rationality. On
the contrary, their images seek to unify, embrace, their path is emotion. She shares
with the observer a life experience that is the result of really lived difficulties and
not of a reprocessed theoretical academicism. There is a colorful seriousness that is
revealed in watercolors or acrylic. A circumspection that awakens in us a sensory
and aesthetic complicity and we embark on its dual world, where everything takes
on a different meaning.
In addition to questioning social convictions, Greta Stefanel delivers, in a
language that is both hermetic and explicit, the key to her own thoughts and her
state of mind. So that, together, we seek answers to existential questions that span
millennia. Like the title of one of her works, we end up feeling we are “characters
in search of an author”.

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