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Guilherme Lúcio – The compelling Art


It’s not only in Physics that each action causes an opposite reaction. We print an accommodated conservatism in everything that tries to get us out of our comfort zone. The same happens with Art. In the 19th century, Photography was considered too literal and incapable of provoking imagination. According to Jeff Walls, in the 1980s this concept was overcome, but resistance has only changed its target, with some today questioning Digital Art itself.


More than twenty years ago, a trip to Costa Rica ended up taking Guilherme Lúcio to the world of Photography. Since then, passionate study has coexisted with gastronomy and today his lenses generate images where motivation moves from abstract to architecture, from Nature to people. Almost lunar landscapes, buildings of unexpected fluidity, come to prove once again that, yes, Photography is a very refined art.


Versatile, Guilherme expresses himself skillfully with colors. But he doesn’t give up Black & White. B&W photos bring a solemnity and drama that make the recognition of artistic expression immediate. The care in choosing printing materials and the absence of what he calls “digital interference” are complementary elements that lead to results of extreme elegance and, at the same time, visual impact.


Cartier-Bresson said that to photograph is "to align the mind, the vision and the heart". In a process of constant improvement, Guilherme has been successful in the task of creating images that become part of people's lives. Establishing that essential bridge between artist and observer, his images reach us and, in an engaging way, win our minds and our hearts.

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