Iago Dorte Silva

São Paulo - Brasil

Iago – From colors to the Rising Sun

Iago, from an early age, showed the need to express himself through painting. The boy who could not see a blank paper without drawing on it, became a disciple of the famous Argentine artist, Benjamin González, and soon the first awards came.


The work as a Graphic Designer was intense, but every free minute was dedicated to painting, until his passion and vocation spoke louder and he definitely immersed himself into Art.


Galleries and Cultural Spaces promote his work and celebrate his unmistakable style. Iago defined his artistic identity in flat colors, similar to serigraphy, but using acrylic and ink. The intense colors and brightness contrasting with the black matte ink. He also works with mixed art, pages of books, newspapers and even stone dust.


In addition to the vibrant colors and visual stimulus of contrast and textures, another striking element of his work is his passion for Japan. References to Japanese culture are frequent,  at the same time as he shows harmonious communion, between the traditional and the modern.


His work has an universal appeal and his job is to express his creative energy without boundaries.

Red is reminiscent of the flag of Japan, like the drops of paint he applied as a child on white canvas. From his first steps was possible to imagine a future that was fulfilled, that the boy from this luminous tropical country would go far with his art. To Japan and beyond.