Ibim Cookey


Ibim Cookey

Cookey Ibim is a Photo Realistic Pencil Artist who comes from The Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. He is A graduate of Architecture. He is Also A Multi Award Winning Artist and An Art Ambassador to the Rivers state Ministry of Culture and Tourism. His works Are primary Done with Graphite and Charcoal pencils on paper and his Artworks have been linked with various exhibitions within Nigeria and internationally, in South Africa, England, Niger republic among others. He also explores not just pencil work but acrylic and water color as he seeks more vibrant ways of portraying the African people and Blacks across the globe. He is known for creating drawings that could be said to look photorealistic and extremely detailed, but he refers to his art as “AfroEmofusion” which is coined from Afro Emotional Fusion, because his drawings mainly portray and seek to explore portraits of Africans in a wide range of everyday emotions and sociality. He uses his Art to preach about social injustice and social structure especially in the western part of Africa where he resides. He works and lives in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

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