Karla Lessa

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Karla Lessa established a direct contact with the beauties and peculiarities of the city. She had an artistic experience at "Largo das 5 bocas", where she developed the strength and passion characteristic of her art.

Karla Lessa has a degree in Fine Arts from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She uses her gift as a way to get closer to the culture of Rio and  reduce some of the social problems she finds in her surroundings.

Her theme is plural, however, paradoxically, a characteristic of her work is the passion that pulsates and enchants. Her art is a communion of human essence with the purest in being. The artist, on her journey, inspires and transports those who have the opportunity to get in touch with her creations.

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São Paulo - Brasil

Contato: 55 (11) 99724 0909

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