Lara Sabrina Yilmaz

Izmir - Turquia

Lara Yilmaz – The Connection of the Abstract


Lara Sabrina Yilmaz brings in her veins a rich cultural heritage from her Levantine Turkish father and Italian-French mother, a painter. Fascinated by the colors, very early on she became interested in Art and her grandfather gave her the first brushes and canvases. Much more than a hobby, brushstrokes have given her an instrument to channel her emotions.


Years later, with the death of his beloved grandfather, she realized that there are feelings that words are not enough to express. So she used canvas and brushes to tell the world about her love and her pain. To represent life and death. She found herself in Abstract Art, which she considers the most open to the observer's interpretation.


Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Willem de Kooning are the main references of this artist who prefers acrylic paint, spray, pencil and oil.

Her objective is to create images in which the observer can find a part of himself, while Lara tries to put a little of herself in each work.


Paintings that make a connection of feelings, emotions, lives and experiences.

In a universal, flexible, rich and colorful language, which goes far beyond simple words.

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