Lenny Hipólito

Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Lenny Hipólito, chose for her artistic language, in oil on canvas technique, to seek among the greatest geniuses of impressionism and post-impressionism, the inspiration of landscapes and forms to propose her art production. Symbolic, strong, sometimes monochromatic and pointillist. Lenny Hipólito, portrays emotion and his talent, through free brush strokes,  geometrically stylized to artistic poetry. The artist proposes reflective work on how art can transform and educate our sensitivity to the needs of others and keep the coherent ideals for a successful life. Color, shadow and delicacy are her characteristics, which spontaneously communicate in a universal language, the expressiveness that she captures in her studies and experiences. Graduated in Economic Sciences and has a MBA in Business Management from USP. In addition to several extension and improvement courses, she is also a speaker and writer. She studies and researches impressionist art masters, from the oldest to the contemporary.