Lincoln Lima


Lincoln Lima


Having sensitivity and, at the same time, the ability to express feelings through texts, songs or images is a divine gift. A gift that makes the artist a special being, but does not guarantee a peaceful path. On the contrary, there are countless cases of artists who suffered a lot to continue on the artistic path. Even more so in a world where success is measured by financial bias.


Visual artist Lincoln Lima has known this gift since childhood. Self-taught, he made his first work of art on the walls of his room. The father did not forbid it, friends wanted a similar work. Early on, he realized that his art was the expression of feelings. As he didn’t know the feelings related to the other rooms, the work was not replicated. At the time, Lincoln didn't know. But this early awareness of the psychology of art, of the connection to fears and dreams, would become a differential element of his artistic work. At 17, started the pressure for financial support. Like so many artists, this pressure came from the position of the family who did not believe he could “live on art”.


The option for the Navy reinforced the “discipline” side that is so necessary for every artist. For seven years, as a lifeguard, Lincoln silenced his artistic side. But it was a very high price to pay for financial stability. And his return to art was consolidated in a different way. Friends requested his images for tattoos, but tattoo artists couldn't get fidelity to the images. At the moment when he was in charge of making the tattoos himself, his work, born on the walls of his room passed to the bodies of the observers. Today he has consolidated himself internationally and now extends his performance in illustrations and on canvas.


Techniques and materials have changed. Graphite, mixed media, were added to the pencil, generating images that impressed by the emotion they carry. Emotions in full bloom, in the deep glances, in the mirror that portrays what the observer feels without even knowing that he feels. Lincoln Lima makes his work a psychological rescue, he seeks the feelings behind the image. This makes his art unique and unmistakable. He may have incorporated Navy discipline. But perhaps the most prophetic was in his role as lifeguard, which anticipated an artist with exceptional sensitivity.

To the point of creating art capable of saving lives, relationships and emotions.