Lucas Ksenhuk
São Paulo - Brazil

Lucas Ksenhuk

Lucas Ksenhuk, started drawing when he was 9 years old, developing his technique of colored stripes, always with lots of color. At age 11, he had already developed a collection of 30 notebooks and his parents encouraged him to develop his drawings on canvas. “On screens, I recognized in my work a chance to go further and, soon, I had my first exhibition with 30 paintings, all sold in a few hours”, recalls Lucas.


Currently, his canvases have drawn the attention of many people, not only in Brazil, but also in the United States and Canada.


Lucas wrote a book for children and teenagers published in 2020, the book entitled ‘A true story in colored lines’ tells his story, accompanied with images of his first works and also the most recent ones. Also noteworthy are the prefaces signed by Kobra and Cris Campana. The book is for sale on Amazon in Portuguese and English versions, and available worldwide.

“My art is intense and my goal is to transmit life and joy. My dream is to follow this path and show my arts to the world, art can have a very deep and unique influence in anyone's life. ”, says Lucas Ksenhuk. Diagnosed with autism, he sees his art as a job that can transform much more than his own life, bringing independence and recognition.