Lu Monin 


Lu Monin – Art and Renewal


Art is synonymous with freedom. The image that appears at the end of the transcendental creative experience is sometimes unexpected for the artist himself. Brushes change course as inspiration flows. Such freedom allows that almost all the elements that surround us have already been portrayed by someone. Flowers served as the theme for Manet and Kusama. Rafael and Gauguin, among others, painted Adam and Eve. And beyond the realms of Figurative art there is a whole world of possibilities when we also consider Abstract art.


This vastness is confirmed by the work of visual artist Lu Monin. Her creative rebellion takes the observer to a universe absolutely without limits and without barriers. Her paintings are a renewing breath. A delicious modernity that differentiates her sidereal flowers (“Summer Time”), her Adam and her Eve. Versatile, she navigates through Surrealism, with her “Girl in Blue” and still ventures through the Abstract.


Born in Brazil and based in Switzerland, Lu Monin soon became enchanted by Literature. The artistic appeal took her to Theater, Music and Drawing. After many years of professional dedication to the Finance area, she returned to her artistic roots, full time. Self-taught, she attended different painting schools in Switzerland until she opened, in 2016, her painting studio, where she generously shares the paths to the domain of expression and creativity.


Intuitive, Lu Monin translates emotion and imagination into each stroke. Expression through different techniques and materials further expands the repertoire of an artist who is not limited by labels. With that she ends up creating works that are on the limit between the dream and the real. Undeniably confirming that there is always a new way of expressing yourself.

Lu Monin proves that Art always finds new paths.

Paths that can be different. But they are always original and fascinating.