Mariana Mendonça

Campinas - Brasil

Mariana Mendonça – Dual Art

Visual artist Mariana Mendonça has a range of artistic resonances that tell us a lot about her creative breadth. Alex Katz and Velázquez, David Hockney and Rembrandt coexist in their versatile and refined universe. The classic and the modern add to the dualities that shape and translate into his figurative paintings, which have something of expressionism and fantasy.


Self-taught, Mariana makes her artistic talent her form of communication. Translating creativity into images is, in her words, a vital need. There is an urgent need to connect to fulfill the mission of bringing color and energy to everyone. Her love for animals and children explains their constant presence in her works.


Mariana Mendonça makes her art an instrument of social action. Her sheeps and lions denounce other dualities and the timeless reality of the coexistence of good and evil. At the same time it impresses the modernity of her portraits where looks and feelings rescue impressions of a deep and intimate universe, directed at the soul of the observer. Personnel as the genesis of social transformation. With a timeliness that allows us to glimpse the post-Hockney paths and the next chapters of Art itself.

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