Maria Stefanon

Espirito Santo - Brazil

Maria Stefanon – Visual Poetry


We are always impressed by the ability of some artists who manage to channel their creativity through different languages.

This is the case of Maria Stefanon. An award-winning poet, she found in Painting the way to express what is beyond words. And even  paints were not enough. Without being limited to painting on canvas, she also works on drawing and uses different materials in her compositions.


Her work has references to van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, but Maria draws attention for her well-defined and very personal style. She is inspired by what surrounds her and attracts her eyes. It is clear a deep commitment to what touches her, to what moves her. This genuine emotion appears and conquers the observer.


She herself highlights two fundamental aspects of each image. The first is the relationship between form and color, with lines and textures invading the canvas in an expressionist bias. The second is the presence of the human, with the objects and forms that surround him in addition to all the emotional charge of weakness, loneliness, beauty.


Maria Stefanon surprises us by representing landscapes and imaginary forms that start from the real. In this border between two worlds, clocks merge with the Sun, faces and animals appear unexpectedly and it thus creates a new, magical and fascinating reality. A somewhat surreal imaginary, in which she rescues affective memories and proves, with images, that she continues to make poetry.

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São Paulo - Brasil

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