Nini Gertz

Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Nini Gertz – Intuitive Art


When looking for the context that facilitates the understanding of an artistic message, it is fundamental and fascinating to know the reality and the time of the work and the artist. Knowing what motivates, what triggers the creative process, leads us to complicity and an extremely enriching understanding. Not to explain the work, which needs no explanation for its intrinsic artistic value. But so that we can assimilate motives and impressions that make up the artistic experience itself.


Through Photography and Painting Nini Gertz travels between reality and imagination. With them, she nourishes her heart and soul. The admiration for her father paintings evolved into her stunning designs on the bedroom wall. Soon, the wall was not enough. And paper and canvas allowed higher flights.


It is already clear that Janini's independent spirit enthusiastically embraces experimentation. Paints and different materials serve the purpose of materializing her intuitive art, where Life and Nature are fundamental themes. The admiration for Gregory Colbert, the impact of “Ashes and Snow” make clear her connection with the Nature, the animals and with an artistic mission that is defined as a way to feel useful to the planet and to be happy.


The artistic ecstasy, triggered by great emotions, an unexplained joy, or memories and life experiences, takes Janini Gertz to other dimensions. She reveals to us how much magic and harmony, pulsation and vibration can be found around us. And her works allow us to discover a Universe in which animals, flowers, the sky and the stars complete each other as manifestations of a cosmic luminous energy that welcomes everyone, in an infinite sea of ​​love.

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São Paulo - Brasil

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