Women's Empowerment


The exhibition “Female Empowerment”, promoted by Up Time Art Gallery brings us a theme as exciting as it is current. The recognition of the rights systematically denied to women is a process that began centuries ago. If it is true that more than a hundred years have passed since women have won the right to vote, it is also a fact that even today women are being prevented from studying in countries that still resist the wind of modernity. Much has been achieved. But there is still much to achieve. Femicide, wage inequality, harassment, persist and challenge all people who recognize the importance of equal rights.

Art exhibitions with women are frequent. But this is different. In addition to the presence of female artists, men also participate. Because it would be absurd to criticize exclusion by practicing exclusion. And in this initiative there is an essential element that must always be remembered: the end of the imbalance of our patriarchal society is not just about awakening women.

It is everyone's task. So any path in search of this justice must pass through the awareness of men. In the recognition that it is necessary to change, it is necessary to disarm, it is necessary to unite. We are increasingly aware that talent is not exclusive to men or women. Sensitivity, sweetness, strength and vigor can indeed exist in men and women. And the virtual exhibition “Female Empowerment” comes to, show that again. All people, regardless of gender, begin to join forces. In the awakening of rights and consciences, to build a world where no one, absolutely no one is discriminated against by gender, belief or skin color.

 Marisa Melo

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To participate, just send 3 images of your artworks to the email: If approved by our curator, we will contact you to provide information about the registration fee and materials that will be included in this 3D exhibition. Important: works sent to our curator must have a feminine appeal.

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