Paolo Tocchini 

Livorno - Itália

Paolo Tocchini – The Art of Expression


Paolo Tocchini's art resists any attempt at simplification. And we surrender to the talent of this Italian artist and the power of his works. Finding parallels or references is an exhausting task. References to Dalí and Picasso with Escher's daring? Tocchini mixes with his sensitivity elements that combine with a refined technique of painting with acrylic, and provoke in the observer something that can be defined in one word: impact.


His women, which he portrays with mastery, tell us their stories. About love, fear, anger, passion, emotion. When thinking about their lives, we are called to reflect on ourselves and our emotions.

But in addition to the technical show, in addition to the stories of these faces, what characterizes his strong artistic identity is the expression of each face. Not just the eyes, because this expression manifests itself even when they are closed or hidden.


Tocchini's work brings a breath of genius that redefines the Modern. By reconciling a striking visual experience with a deep portrait of our souls, he leaves a mark on us. We take with us the memory of each expression portrayed, which we can’t forget. Like a fleeting look in the middle of a busy street. That captures us. And it leaves us with the imperative need to meet again. With the portrait, with our emotions, with Art itself.