Paula Colpo

São Paulo - Brazil

Paula Colpo – Abstract Nature


The forms of artistic expression are endless. When appreciating a work of Art, we often see our feelings, our state of mind, portrayed in a direct connection between observer and artist.


Paula Colpo's works are the result of a passion for Art that comes from childhood. In her work, we notice a preference for the abstract. But suddenly, there are butterflies, flowers and foliage that reflect her enormous love for Nature and make it difficult for anyone who wants to label her style.


There is a mix of rebelliousness and freedom in choosing unexpected techniques and materials. Dry leaves, toothpicks and glitter join the ink to amaze us. The knowledge acquired in working with decoupage, ceramics and photography allows for free, light and surprising creative experimentation.


Her references range from Dalí to Basquiat, from Picasso to Klimt, including, in Brazil, the kaleidoscopic collages of Beatriz Milhazes. Paula, in her images, assimilates these influences and offers us works of a striking and unmistakable style. Where her watercolor combines Expressionism and Cubism, to talk about relaxation and pleasure. From those who create and those who observe. Communion that validates and confirms the meaning of the word "Art".

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São Paulo - Brasil

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