Paulo Zits

São Paulo - Brazil

Paulo Zits – Art far beyond the Street


By portraying who we are and what we feel, Art can be elitist and hermetic, snobbish and pretentious like society itself. That saw graffiti and Street Art itself as a socio-political phenomenon and not as a genuine artistic expression. It was an arduous path until the recognition won by names like Keith Haring and Basquiat (not recognized by the purists as “root” graffiti artists), Bansky and Blek le Rat.


Paulo Zits is a name that stands out not only in Brazil but in several countries where his works have already arrived. This admirer of Os Gêmeos and Salvador Dalí creates his own ludic-fantastic universe. Hip-Hop and typography started a trajectory

where today live characters created by him to draw the observer's attention to what goes unnoticed. Paulo brings us a chromatic dialectic that inspires surprise and resists simplifications.


His work expands our technical, fragmented, and standardized vision by including aesthetic elements with the vigor of social themes that we do not know or simply try to ignore. A window into realities so close and yet so distant, his work addresses our existential paradoxes with humor and fantasy. In text and image overlays, we are surprised by our cultural contradictions and challenged to face realities that are around us.


Street Art has served as an artistic initiation for a generation more connected to cell phones than to galleries and museums. The Internet frees from the immobility of the walls, and his images flow around the world. Thus, Paulo Zits builds his ambitious legacy: to be a source of inspiration for the next generations.