Paulo Rosa

Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Paulo Rosa, artist, educator and researcher was born in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais. In childhood he showed a great interest in art, daily he stayed at his father's tailoring store learning the craft and helping with small tasks. At the age of ten, he already knew all the steps for the production of men's clothing.

Influenced by the tailoring business and feeling the need to know other artistic languages, Paulo Rosa graduated in Artistic Education - Escola Guignard / UEMG. After countless drawings, painting studies and researching different supports, his own production line has started.

In “Fragmentos” Paulo Rosa brings back memories from scissors, paper patterns, cloths, threads and needles that created costumes made by the hands of a tailor, whose profession is almost extinct. These combinations of colors and shapes engraved in the artist's memory, became the source of inspiration for his research.

Along the way of these memories, an origami is presented which shows contrasts between hot and cold colors, that over deep black induce a dance rhythm between forms. In “Fragmentos” Paulo Rosa explores three-dimensionality in the most varied forms, expressions, rhythms and movements.