Pedro Lopes

Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil


Pedro Lopes - Fame & Realism


Art History is characterized by a sequence of alternations, of movements that sought the exact opposite of the previous period, in eternal rebellion. Now, valuing the form, now the content, this cyclical mode of evolution appears in Literature, Architecture, Music, and of course, Visual Arts. Technological advances bring new paths and new controversies. The arrival of Photography and, later, Digital Art, did not annihilate Painting, as was speculated at the time.

And hyper realistic artists brought the revolution within the revolution. With conventional resources, they offer high plasticity results with unexpected techniques.


Pedro Lopes' work is, above all, surprising. What we are seeing is a drawing? Or is it photography? His portraits, of rare beauty, are made with ordinary colored pencils. And the realism is so great that he publishes hypnotic videos to document the creation process. Delighted, we see penetrating eyes, full of expression and some eyeliner. Then a mouth, which looks like it's about to speak or kiss. Until the work is completed. And those who see the final result do not believe that colored pencils identical to the ones he used at school were enough to compose something so perfect.


The self-taught artist was born in Passo Fundo, South Brazil. The first drawings of butterflies in childhood led to an effective start at the age of 14. Today, celebrity portraits are his trademark. Art runs through his veins. To the point that he identified himself as Pedro Lopes Art. And those who know his drawings can only consider this “surname” very appropriate. Night artist, he is really attuned to music. He paints the portraits of Taylor Swift to the sound of her successes. And if the portrait is of an actor, he paints to the sound of the film's soundtrack.


Pedro knows that his destiny is the artistic manifestation. But he is not concerned with the paths and styles that may follow. Many in this field are dedicated to portraying cans, glasses, ordinary objects. Others like Juan Francisco Casas, even represent the human figure but in poses that, contradictorily, escape from reality. Whatever the stylistic evolution, Pedro Lopes is a name to remember. Because, as icons like Picasso and Dalí, he totally mastered the technique. And he can take it the way he wants. Pedro Lopes' look reveals a profoundly human trait. Perhaps because of this, the observer identifies with his celebrities and dreams of the possibility of one day being portrayed by him.