Philippe Seigle

Málaga- Espanha

Philippe Seigle is an art globetrotter. French, he traveled all his life with his father, a French diplomat, and later through hotel and art sectors. Citizen of the world, now a resident of Malaga, Spain, he has lived in more than 20 countries and visited more than 70, showing his work and bringing to his art elements from the most varied cultures. These influences result in a style that is characterized by exoticism and vibrant colors. An unmistakable style, in a game of balance between Figurative and Abstract.


For Philippe, the planet became small, and through his paintings he creates new worlds, new horizons, which he generously shares with the observer. In his artistic world the spirit of an eternal teenager is expressed.


Part of this energy he shows on his canvas comes from the enormous pleasure he feels in the creative process. A ritual where the final image is worked without rush, night after night, by the influence of music, until reaching the final shape.


His artwork is the way for everyone to find the same level of joviality and joy as this traveler, passionate about life and its colors.

Like someone who is always coming back from a trip, he brings the most valuable treasures as a gift, the source of eternal youth and the joy of living, so that we can all incorporate this happiness that is, in essence, Philippe's own definition.