Revista Ecotour

The three best museums to visit in France.

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Em Tempo

Visual artist expresses human emotions with artistic photographs.

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Cultura e Negócios

Visual artist portrays reality in Rio de Janeiro through abstract and cubist works.

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Belu, 16-year-old artist, will exhibit his works for the first time at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris.

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Cultura e Negócios

UP Time Art Gallery launches podcast “Chat with the Curator"


Casa Vogue

Coffee House in São Paulo receives works by Amazonian artist about Brazilianness


Mídia Turis

Worldwide inspiration: meet the French artist who mixes cultures, colors and styles from 70 different countries on canvas.

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Check out the 3D exhibition "The Transforming Power of Art" on the anniversary of São Paulo.

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Revista Portfolio

Marisa Melo: Curator, businesswoman and art critic is one of the names that seeks to change the artistic scene.

Saint Anne in a Turban - Juliana Carvalh

ETC Notícias

Art gallery bets on online sale.

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Vivente Andante

Art and Opinion | The Reality Contained in the Silence of Empty Galleries.


Gazeta São Paulo

9 different gifts for those who want to innovate at Christmas.

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UP Time Art Gallery holds a special year-end exhibition in São Paulo.


Negócios em Foco

Visual artist travels the world portraying modern women in digital artworks.


Em Visão

From Amazonas to the world: Meet Di Miranda and her creative freedom.

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Cultura Alternativa

Physical art galleries have become an online and global business.

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Contábil Journal

Female Entrepreneurship: Meet some Brazilian businesswomen who have achieved their space in the market


Cartão de Visita

Artistic Quarantine: Artists, Heroes and COVID-19

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Paulo Germano

Up Time Art Gallery organizes an itinerant exhibition of contemporary art that will be open until November 29.

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Cartão de Visita

Check out an exclusive interview with visual artist Karla Lessa.

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Live News

Itinerant art gallery launches project about women.



What is NFT and how the technology that is revolutionizing the art market.

Sonho cor-de-rosa - acrilica em tela - 4

Atuais News

Lawyer explores artistic talent during the pandemic and launches a virtual exhibition with the art gallery.

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Soul Art

3D and online art exhibition portrays black beauty in the main points of Santos.

Aquarela- Natural Mystic 2 papel Arches

Marie Claire

Art lovers and admirers of the female force will be able to enjoy the 3D exhibition "Female Empowerment".


Popular Mais

Free art exhibition celebrates Brazilianness and vitality with regionalist works


Diário Regional

From trash to luxury: Brazilian artist turns recyclable materials into works of art.

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Atuais News

Itinerant art gallery offers free 3D exhibition on São Paulo's anniversary

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Mercado Notícias

How physical art galleries have become an online and global business.


Oeste Paulista

Pandemic Effect: Physical art galleries have become an online and global business.


Paulo Germano

Contemporary art exhibition that celebrates the end of a turbulent year and sees better days

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Elite Magazine

Beauty, glamor and elegance are the concepts of tailor Bernardo Akel's new business space, which will count on the UP Time Art Gallery to expose to the public the best of fine arts.


Portal Yoba

Art as a gift: Check out some suggestions of artworks for this Christmas.

Kiki e Dan Jhony - Óleo sobre tela 60 x

Gazeta da Semana

Contemporary artist, Di Miranda, donates artworks to social project Partager.

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Vila Nova Conceição SP

UP Time Art Gallery signs partnership with luxury tailoring.

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Monitor Mercantil

The transformation we feel most quickly happened at work. Suddenly, the office became unnecessary. Will home office be definitive?

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Preven Magazine

Will home office be definitive?



Vernissage marks the opening of an art exhibition in São Paulo.

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Viagem & Gastronomia

Itinerant contemporary art exhibition


Famosos Online

Meet Philippe Seigle, the globetrotter of the arts.

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Gazeta do Rio

The curator is, above all, passionate about art!, by Marisa Melo.

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Visual artist transports the public of his works on a journey around the world.


Matraca Cultural

Free, virtual and 3D exhibition offers the public the celebration of faith through art.


Gazeta da Semana

International artist portrays Marilyn Monroe and great personalities in works of art.

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CNN Brasil

Virtual exhibitions to visit without leaving your home. In times of pandemic, galleries make their exhibitions available online.

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Falando de Viagem

The three best museums to visit in France by Marisa Melo.

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Virtual galleries democratize access to art during the pandemic.


Outros Quinhentos

Exhibition in São Paulo celebrates the end of 2020 with art and coffee.

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Espaço Br

Meet Marisa Melo: soulful artist and successful entrepreneur.


Portal Vírgula

Physical art galleries change and become a great online and global business.


RC Vips

Art & Coffee promote Up Time Art Gallery's last event of the year, Vivez l'art

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Elite Magazine

With an event open to the public and subject to reservation, the exhibition celebrates the end of a turbulent year and pays tribute to the victims of the pandemic


Moema e Região

Christmas gift ideas to stay at home and enjoy your decór.

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Radar do Futuro

Perspectives for 2021: Will the future be artistic or technological?

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Meet some contemporary Brazilian artists represented by UP Time Art Gallery.


Viagem & Gastronomia

Exhibitions on display in São Paulo.



Itinerant gallery has a brazilian highlight to help raise funds for pandemic victims.



Solidarity exhibition raises funds for the vulnerable in the pandemic.


Top Magazine

Up Time Art Gallery unites contemporary art and charity.


Panorama Mercantil

Check out an exclusive interview with our art curator, Marisa Melo.