Silvia Pott

São Paulo - Brazil

Silvia Pott – Art and Dream


Some artists accurately portray the real. Others intrigue us with abstract images where each observer projects a personal impression. Silvia Pott's works are different. Her works transport us to another dimension. The blur, the overlapping tones, the purposeful blurring, take us to the border between reality and dream.


Francisco Biojone's disciple continues on her own path. A striking style where it is possible to capture references to James Whistler and Edvard Munch. But it differs, by the shapes and lines that we unravel with pleasure, without knowing what planet we are on, if what fascinated us was the sunset or that old feeling, that dear memory evoked with so much poetry.


This strong artistic identity is the result of an old love for Art. That continues to win over observers, with high flights scheduled for Brazil and abroad, in digital exhibitions and in galleries that discover her talent.


In addition to visual pleasure, each image of Silvia Pott brings a mystery, a challenge, between shades and colors that combine and involve us in an emotional ballet. Which can take us to a distant nebula, to people we distinguish in the fog and, in the end, to our own intimate, turning feelings and showing us with mastery the shadows and colors that we bring within us.