Tito Khzouz


Tito Khzouz


The artist Tito Khzouz, from São Paulo, an urbanist architect by degree, made Photography his path. An open spirit, which managed to keep alive the spontaneity and the capacity for enchantment that children usually lose when they become “adults”. And his trajectory makes it clear where his energy comes from: Tito is driven by passion.

Passionate about the arts, present at school when he wanted to reproduce the graffiti on the walls in his favorite class. Passionate about photography that was born in a class in which he created a camera (pin-hole) with an aluminum can. Later on, the passion for the city and its buildings that naturally led him to architecture.

The photographer-architect-artist, absorbed a kaleidoscope of influences that pass through modern, postmodern and minimalist architecture. Where 1922 modernism and contemporary culture, pop, cinema and music are present. Passions that reflect in his art.

Versatile, Tito's work includes photographs, with digital interventions or not. From studies and photographic sessions to surprising compositions, bringing, for example, Van Gogh's Starry Night to the buildings and the sky of the metropolis where he lives. The study and technique complement what inspired and moved each step of his career: an undeniable passion, renewed for each theme, each image. A passionate art that catches us not only by the eyes, but mainly by the heart.