William Villanueva

Miami - EUA

William Villanueva – Natural Art

There are artists who seem predestined. Everything in their lives seems to lead
them on the path of artistic expression. William Villanueva was born into a family
of artists, the architect father, a sculptor aunt. As a child, contact and pleasure in
painting, foresaw more than a career, a vocation. A call.
The answer to that call came in works now on display in galleries around the
world. Surrealist references add up to a very refined technique, where unexpected
colors and shapes intrigue us as much as they fascinate us. Complex and elaborate
compositions intertwine and house details that William Villanueva, as a modern
Hieronymus Bosch, capriciously creates to whet our curiosity and provide us with
long moments of pure pleasure.
His work has a strong connection with Nature. In different images, he records dual
aspects such as beauty and spirituality coexisting with fear and destruction.
Birds perched on electric wires compose messages and, at the same time, refer to
musical scores and notes. Imaginary beings, essentially organic, transport us to the
planet where they came from. And William, like a modern Dalí, makes us, once
again, travel. From the microcosm to outer space.
In his paintings we face fundamental questions, where depth coexists with
playfulness. The figurative with the abstract.
Through his Art, William Villanueva challenges us. To assimilate the flexibility
that allows us to live with our dreams, with our emotions, with all mankind.