Andrea Mariano


Andrea Mariano, Freedom and Boldness

Nowadays everyone appreciates the work of the Impressionists. Who questions Monet and Renoir? But in the beginning, critics and the public accused these artists of rebels who didn't really know how to paint. Despite hostility, little by little criteria recognized in style an original way of seeing and painting. Pop Art has already been labeled as vulgar, not aesthetic. Even so, today it imposes itself as a democratic and non-discriminatory art. Realistic Design has already competed for space with Photography and Digital Art. But today this proposal is already appreciated all over the world, and the talent that the style demands wins the respect and international recognition.

Andrea Mariano's realistic drawings capture our gaze in such a way as to leave in doubt whether what we see is a photo or drawing. In her portraits, with a highly developed technique, she is able to transmit to us as emotions, the feelings of the subject without altering the naturalness of the image. The realism is such that the creators of realistic drawings often publish videos to prove what we see was not created by a camera.


Self-taught, the artist was born in Rio de Janeiro. At the age of 5, he reproduced and enlarged comic book images. The love of art led to professionalism. And how social networks facilitated dissemination. Her paintings on canvas have already been selected in searches in Paraíba, and his realistic drawings, on paper, colored pencils, graphite and on canvas, gain an international projection.


Andrea Mariano, in her own words, highlights creativity as an important differentiating factor, by highlighting the emotions in her portraits. The dedication and care, the care in choosing colors, lights and shadows generate works that bring satisfaction and admiration to the artist and observers from Brazil and abroad. Result of the very own style with which his capacity manages to work on two essential elements, which define his proposal: freedom and boldness.