Marisa Melo

São Paulo - Brazil

Marisa Melo and her Artistic Synapses

Marisa Melo has a degree in Advertising and Marketing, Fashion, Photography, Graphic Design. Art and Aesthetics. Visual artist, artistic projects consultant, exhibitions producer, curator, critic and writer of curatorial texts.

Restless and fascinated by life and the challenge of representing it in the most diverse ways, Marisa Melo expresses herself in two ways: as an artist, through Painting, Photography and Digital Art; and as a curator, sharing her experience in order to pave the way for other artists.

In painting she uses mixed technique, which gives her countless possibilities for expression. Using all her knowledge in photography, she merges images until she reaches a satisfactory result to scan. Then the image is printed on canvas, where it receives numerous media: acrylic, bitumen, sand, plaster, among others. It is not obvious to the observer where the boundary between these worlds is. In her fine art photography work, she uses the interference of some elements: fire, water, rust, glass and paper to create what she calls “Sensorial Photography”.

Her success as a visual artist, her resourcefulness with social media and her fascination with Art led to an increase in her impact on the artistic world. The perception of the distance between artists and the public naturally led to curatorial work. But Marisa goes well beyond. She facilitates the dissemination and shows the shortcuts so that artists who differentiate themselves by their talent and the quality of their works can reach the public, who also benefit from her information that is characterized by depth and objectivity.

As curator, Marisa through the UP Time Art Gallery, her virtual platform, shares research and ideas. Training in Art and Aesthetics serves as a basis for projects, exhibitions and critical texts. In mentoring for artists she guides from technical consistency to image promotion. Versatile, she performs and promotes a wide range of expressive languages ​​by promoting Photography, Digital Art, and other cultural events associated with the work of art. These connections she calls “Artistic Synapses”.

Marisa needs to capture and share feelings without the burden of labels or styles. She loves everything that provokes her and she makes her art the channel to provoke.

"In this technological world, I always want to invite reflection and questioning. In a visual poetry that no" artificial intelligence "can offer".